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I'll probably do it.

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I'll probably commit suicide tonight..I can't handle the heartbreak anymore.. The guy I love doesn't love me..I've tried everything. Nothing works.. I know you can't make someone love you, but..I just can't take it anymore..I'll probably do it..

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YOu find someone that does love you okay one that will make you feel special Move on hun there are others that could be your soul mate but you will never see them if your pining over one that does not deserve your care hugs tooyou
Please don't do it. I need people around me right now. You could help me, too. You are lovable - everyone is. Just because one person doesn't think so, doesn't make it not true. Rejection is rotten, but we have to try to find some strength somewhere because there are beautiful sides of life, too, and you will miss those if you give up. You can email me privately if you want to.


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Sorry to bump this everyone, but I was reading through pages and saw my best friend's username MistyMaisy so yeah.. I'm not much of a friend but still.
I just wanna say something here.

Ana.. Don't get mad at me but you're still young. You have plenty of time to find love. You're letting this relationship stuff become your reason for living. They're lots of other reasons to live for. Not just dating someone. Don't rush into it. Rushing into things only gets you into bad relationships. Believe me.. I know. Never try to take your life over a silly guy.

Perhaps this'll make you laugh by the way...



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The guy I love doesn't love me
Story of my life! sucks doesn't it? i guess the only thing we can really do is hope to find someone just as good that will like us back :).

how're u doing atm misty?


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Your in the greiving stage and it takes some time to get past that.. The next step is anger.. Once you reach that stage you will forget about him rather quickly.. Takeing your life is definitely not the answer..It's not going to change how he feels..Stay with us and let us help you..


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I'm very sorry that you're going through such a heartache. I know what it feels like to love someone who doesn't feel the same way about you. But no matter how hard it is to keep going and how bad things seem in this low you are in at the moment, it will hurt less in time. Just gotta hold on till then. I leave you with these simple words..."Sometimes we picture ourselves as a tiny insignificant star, chasing a beautiful moon. But little did we know that we are being followed and loved by a patient cloud." If you end your life now because of this heartache, you'll miss out on better things that might follow. Just think about it. :hug:
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