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I am so confused and dont know where to start. I dont know if it is all real or if i am 'ill'. It feels real, it makes so much sense but no one else understands. No believes me. If they did believe me then i cud help so many ppl, i cud make this world so much better but i am not allowed. Everyone says i am wrong, that it isnt true. There is so much conspiracy in the world, u cant deny that can u? Surely ppl belive that? Or am i wrong there to. All this conspiracy could mean that wat i say is true to, how wud u no?! Just another thing that is hided from us. Nd if it is true and none of u believe me then u r stopping everything getting fixed. All the ppl who dont believe me r part of the problem, u r part of the enemy.

If they r the enemy then i cant trust them wen they say i am 'ill' either. Wen they try to send me to the doctor. I know its all a trap to brainwash me 2. Its very clever because if u were the only one to believe something and everyone just sed u were ill wudnt u start to believe them to?! Wudnt it b easier to agree with them, go to the doctor, be brainwashed and believe the same as everyone else?! But sometimes u have to fight, if only i could find some more people who believe me then i wouldnt b alone. Or sum1 who was unsure but gave me the benefit of the doubt.

You see i cant do it on my own anymore. Things get worse and worse and its to much for one person to fight. No other ppl believe me, so they wont help me fight. I cant do it on my own tho, I dont have enough blood in just me. You see if everyone helped we could fix the world but instead they all fight me. I will get in to trouble for saying this because the government dont like ppl to go against wat they brainwash ppl with but it is important.

If you could save ppl? If you could stop the pain and bad? you would wouldnt u? If there was even the slightest chance u cud stop everyones hurt and take evil away then u wud take it? Everyone is such good ppl here and so i know most of u wud say yes to that. You would want to stop ppl from hurting and that is why i want to ask for your help... but i am not allowed because no one believe i can help.

What do i do wen i need other ppl to help but cant ask them to? I know there r rules but if it saves so many ppl then surely they can bend?

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