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Illness or not ?

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By reading on this forum last few months i started thinking about something.
I felt depressed a lot, but i think it's mostly because of i have other problems then the depression. Serious injuries(i really need to be able to do sports to feel better), skin disease, being alone a lot,...

Many people here need medication for their depression or so I've read.
I was wondering about one thing, if these people have everything they want;
-nice jobs(or even living from winning the euro millions or something like that)
-physically fine(not meaning just good looking but being healthy)
-a great girlfriend (or boyfriend, wife or husband, maybe even kids)
-a nice house
-no problems getting to sleep

would they still be feeling depressed for no obvious reason ?

I was just thinking that, because lately I start realising thet i really think that if i had these things i would be the luckiest guy on earth.

I've once said in my teenyears(around 16,I've had no girlfriends, hardly any friends, got picked on at school constantly, and suffered from my skin disease, other kids loved to make fun of that last thing offcourse.) to my parents that i'd rather be dead (they were mad at me because bad grades at school, being angry a lot,...we had some big arguement about all that stuff and I finally told them how I was feeling) they basically responded by telling me to not be stupid.
So I never talked about it again.

Anyway i never was really happy but i think i would be if i somehow could have the luck to find those things someday.
If it isn't the same for other people then maybe i'm just never been diagnosed with some kind of depression illness and I would still be feeling miserable when I would have these things, if that would happen then i think i would be terrified about it.

Anyway, my grandmother(and i must say a great grandmother :) ) died saturday morning and I've been at the church today(grandparents are catholics, I was raised as one but don't believe anymore, guess that makes me an atheist ?) and to the funerarium to see her body a last time(still think that's a bit weird) funeral is tomorrow. And that just started to make me think about life a bit.

I'm 28 now, still have very few friends( and they only stay at home cause of wife and kids), still am a virgin(Don't make lame jokes please) and i guess I'm a bit nervous around people that i don't know, makes it a bit hard to make new friends, i don't talk a lot even to my few good friends.

Guess I'm going off my own topic about feeling depressed and using medical stuff, psychiatrists and stuff like that, but it's still ok cause i can rant here all I want and bad irresponsible drivers really piss me off :furious:

I don't want to upset anyone with the medical, depression issue, just trying to figure out how other people experience this and if there could be more things wrong with myself then i know myself.
Coping with doing sports that i can do with my injuries and telling myself that someday it'll be better.
Haven't been doing a lot of sports last few days because of my grandmother dying and my sister having a baby(lot's of driving around and visiting hospitals etc.. and i just started again so it feels like starting al over again after just a few weeks, but i'm going to work my muscles and endurance in overdrive next few weeks :sweat:

Been thinking about posting this or not but i'm doing it anyway, been writing too much to just delete it :biggrin:

Sorry for being boring, random and off my own topic here, had a few beers and felt like writing everything down that came up :)

If you got down to here then thanks and feel free to give any comments you want about all or any of it.
Sorry to hear about your grandmother.

Depression just comes to us,no-one invites it into their lives so do not worry that you may seem to other to have no reason at all to be depressed,do not take odd criticisms to heart regarding your mental state.

Do you run? I used to run when I was a lot younger than 28.At some point during the run it all just fades away and your mind detaches from the physical,like a slug gliding on vaseline.Marvelous.


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Used to go running(longest i've done was about half a marathon), but got a muscle injury on my foot that makes it impossible since 10 months to run(waited too long to get to a doctor with it) going to a specialist to get some help with it.
Going to the gym and doing mountainbiking since a few weeks to do some sports again.
If the doctor can help me then i'm going to run again, best cardio training there is imo and with some music while running it's like some sort of meditation for me (just don't make me run on a threadmill, it's boring to stay in the same place) :cool:
Running on a treadmill defeats the whole point of running,you never pass anything or run towards a set target far off in the distance,you never get the sun in your eyes,the wind at your back or successfully maneuver a dog poo spattering.

You will be able to run again.Why?...because I said so.;)

You are not giving up my young friend,don't ever give up. :)


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I'm still positive, i'll be able to run i think maybe even kickboxing, I've read about stuff that could cause the pain in my foot, but i'm not going with guesswork, just waiting till I see the doctor and get proffesional information.
Called last week and he was on vacation(at least the voice mail thing said so)
Forgot to call today bacause of very busy day at work, but tomorrow i'm free so I'm calling then for an appointment.

I've waited so long because i was feeling very bad for a long time and didn't bother with my own health but I'm doing fine again, that's why I've started doing other sports.
Or maybe I'm feeling a bit better because I started doing sports again :cool:
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