I'm 13, female, and I'll be 14 in 6 days :)

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Hi :) I am sorry you feel so awful. Please stay and talk to us about whats getting you down. There are lots of people here who are friendly and you can talk to about anything xx


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Well, its no use keeping things to yourself if they are at this point!

Whatever it is that makes you feel this way - you need to unburden it - to share it with others otherwise your carrying too heavy a load to cope with. You'll become tired and feel at a low ebb, no energy to do things - or maybe too much energy stopping you sleeping and so on.

No matter what has made you feel depressed, if there is actually a reason - others will have been there also - and will relate to you.

I'm sorry that something that should be a cause of celebration is making you feel sad - turning 14, you perhaps enter the start of adult life - your still a child by law - but obviously starting to mature and trying to find out who you are - and what makes you tick. Don't worry, that's normal - and its normal sometimes to feel sad - but wanting to die is not a good thing to have on your mind as you enter the phase of examinations, peer group pressure on a number of levels perhaps - and maybe difficulty at home.

You can get through this - many young people your age will have depression or might just be suffering too much stress to the point whereby all the little problems you have in life seem to form one big giant insurmountable obstacle!

Whatever is wrong - real or imagined, we are here to take you seriously - and doubtless we are all concerned at how you feel. There are younger people your own age here - as well as many women who will identify with what your going through. I'm a man in my late 40s - but I recognise what you feel as its not something that only young people can feel. Thankfully, I only feel like dyeing - yes, dyeing my hair a funny colour for a festival.

I'm not making light of what you feel - far from it - because I can remember being 13, just turning 14, and its not easy like I say. Maybe its the growing up - entering the 'adult world' in which we develope more complex emotions and doubtless struggle just though the changes of puberty and what that entails.

14 is too young for a boyfriend in my book - but your close to a time when you might find a lot of hope through relationships. Best to study for now - I hope my nieces do that when they turn teenagers but I'll support them regardless of the mistakes they make.

I hope you have family you can talk to. I must be your dads age - I hope he is still around - and its just a shame that so many kids grow up with the trauma of divorce and not having that 'balance' of a mother and father.

That said - many single mums do a far better job on their own than they would do with the father of their children around. I know its not easy as I know a lot of single mums and know the sacrifices they make.

Anyhow, whatever circumstances this reply finds you in - I can only encourage you to talk more about what makes you feel this sad.

Sometimes it is easier telling it to 'strangers' - but on this forum, and in life in general, a stranger might just be a friend you have not yet crossed paths with.

Due to the background of most people here having been through some mental illness or caring for those who suffer - it is certain you have a lot of things in common with us here - especially younger readers who will have a more vivid recall of their troubles aged 13-14.

Whatever is troubling you - I'd suggest that sharing some more.

Good luck - and despite everything, I hope you can enjoy your birthday and have someone there who cares for you.


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I think suicide's always an option, and it might ultimately be the one you choose as the best one available. That being said, it's important to make sure it's the most rational choice possible.

It's ironic. When I was 13 years old, I had a 12-year-old female friend who was hospitalized for being suicidal. She really introduced me to the horrors of depression. It was just as ironic when I was diagnosed as manic-depressive a few years later, and we loved being miserable together. I miss her.

Anyway, do tell, what's going on? What is it that's making you want to die?


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sorry but i disagree that suicide can ever be an option for someone so young with your whole life before you.Things will get better but as said you need to talk about what is troubling you.


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No, that's not correct, and is also very patronizing. Suicide is an option for everyone, universally. Suicidal people consider suicide an option because it is; if you argue with them and tell them it isn't, all you succeed in doing is alienating and invalidating the other person's feelings. It hurts them. It shows that you don't understand and aren't willing to understand, and you've immediately put up a wall between you and the suicidal person. On the other hand, if you're willing to acknowledge that suicide is in fact a real option, the suicidal person almost always feels better that someone is willing to understand things from their point of view. I'm tired of the fallacy that to help a suicidal person, you must deny suicide as an option. Suicide by its very nature is a private matter, and by showing the suicidal person you can empathize or at least sympathize with them, you help ease their sense of isolation. I'm sure they're sick of being disagreed with already.

I still would like to hear her thoughts, though. I'm hopeful that there are less extreme options than suicide.
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hi.........i want to die too.....if it helps, we could maybe talk abou y we want to die sometime.....watevr jus let me kno


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Hi honey, Ive also been suicidial for many of years, longer than youve been alive really, yes its an option and it probably makes you feel better thinking about it, but that doesnt mean it has to be the option. There are so many things in life that changes every single day. I hope that you decide to talk to us and let us know why your feeling so down. Maybe weve been through it ourselves and can help you with thoughts you havent had yet.

At 14, (not underestimating you) theres still so much for you to see and do. Theres so much in life that you havent even gotten to think about yet. At 14,I knew I was going to die, either by my hands or by someone elses, but I was wrong. Im 33 and Im still here, Im still living. So can you, give yourself a chance to grow and live.

PM me anytime you want to talk okay, Hugs.


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Hi Marj, why do you want to die?

I remember being 13, being a teenage is hard, its when we need the most support, reach out here for support and i can guarantee you, you won't regret it. :arms:
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