I'm a bad person

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I don't think you are a bad person.. I also used to distance a lot from people. Maybe just learning who you can trust. Set up your own "boundaries" so you know what u will and wont allow yourself to do with people.

When we are hurt so many repeated times, it makes it hard to trust anyone. This doesn't make you a bad person. :hug: Just have to figure out who you can trust and what with. And make boundaries for yourself so you don't end up being hurt like you have before.

For example, not allowing someone in your home until you have known them for a set period of time.

I hope you feel better. :hug: You aren't a bad person.
we all have days where we feel like that its not our fault that we attract people that do nothing but hurt us. sometimes we protect ourselves by closing ourselves off to others i guess its a defence mechanism


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Your not a bad person, those that hurt you are the nasty ones. Step back and have a good look at who is hurting you then give them the flick goodbye.:gun:


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Why do you think that you're a bad person?

Not letting people in because of bad experiences doesn't make you bad, it just makes you cautious. Don't be so hard on yourself. Other people have probably hurt you enough as it is, without you hurting yourself too. :hug:


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You're not a bad person nor weird.

People hurt me as well.. Though I do my share of hurting people to. Its like that quote from Greenberg applies to me.. "Hurt people hurt people".

I barely have any friend myself but thats just cause I'm a loner & don't like having many friends.

A lot of people feel the way you do but that doesn't make them bad or weird in any way. Don't single yourself out like that. :hug:
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