I'm a failure. I hate my life.

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by Pioneer, Mar 3, 2012.

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    So I've tried this dating scene and realized that I'm an absolute failure at it. I went on my first date only to never get a second. I've tried talking to other girls only to get turned down. I absolutely hate not having a fighting chance. I was really into this girl I chose to be my first date and I don't understand why it failed. Maybe i didn't complement her enough. Maybe I chose the wrong restaurant. Maybe I didn't look fit enough for her. I thought she was interested since she was always inviting me to events that she was going to and she was always happy to see me. I guess I misread that and she only wanted to be friends, which will not happen. Here I am 25 and never been in a relationship. I've succeeded in academics, I'm building a career, I have great friends which is really rare, and I'm a giving person. Yet all that doesn't matter because the one thing that I really want i cannot get. I'd throw it all away to have someone that loves me because thats all i really want. Now my college career is coming to an end and my chances of finding a woman to love me has gone from slim to none. I don't think I want to live as a failure, I've worked hard ll my life just so I can have someone to love me but I've been naive, no one will love you for that. My life was wasted and I give up on it. I just hope that I die by some unforeseen accident, I don't care about my life anymore.
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    well let me say i understand your pain....im 37 and I have never had anything remotely close too what one would consider a relationship....I think i have given up of this whole living life to the fullest shit...but to be honest putting all your eggs so to speak onto a relationship is putting too much pressure on one thing to succeed that it will almost always fail. What i mean is a relationship isnt the only thing missing form your life. you need other shit in order for your life to be meaningful. I dont know f im making sense...but i hope im making some sense to you if only a little...sorry you are in this shitty situation.
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    If it makes you feel any better Pioneer I am in the same boat. But I hope you've improved since March 3.