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I'm a fuck up

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though-out the years i have turned alot of things that have come into my life into shit.. ive fucked things up so badly with people that you wouldnt even believe is possible..
Ive been mood disrepectful annoying hard damn work...
ive been happy sad tourmented mad a rollercoster of emotions...
we've had arguments disagreements warnings hatings
but we've also had laughs and support.

But one thing i have learnt through-out the time of being with SF

is no matter how i act, what i say..

all wrongs can be forgiven..

There is always someone willing to listen to you..

reading peoples posts on here you realise just how difficult life is for people..
but we are all fighters.. and one day.. this feeling will lift.. and you will smile.. and you will believe in you.

Id just like to remind everyone here that.. you are all amazing people... we've all been through different things... we are of different ages.. but we are all amazing in our own little way.. dont let people put you down...

SF are my familys away from home..
i know i can come on here
and talk serious.. or i can just have a joke around with people in the same boat as me..
the boat that we are all trying to keep afloat..

Keep on fighters SFs we're all get there one day!

so in advance id like to say sorry.. for any fuck ups i make x


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Good to see you as it has been a while, and yes, we are so imperfect...I expect to make mistakes, some more damaging than others...hope you also find a way to fight and feel more secure in yourself...again, nice seeing you around
in all truth, i dont believe im insecure in myself again its just knocked down a few walls that i need to build back up again.. or maybe to stop being so nieve in life. it has been awhile almost half a year since i have been on here..
but to be fair something was nudging me to come back..
I guess ive come to the point where im just not sure anymore
when you have so many routs you can take how can you be sure your choosing the right one.. and i guess im not sure i know if im really ready to accept the concequences of my choice if it all goes pear shaped.
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