I'm a hypocrite and ok with that

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    Time and time again, so many memebers with big hearts and gentle souls start bashing themselves over being hypocrites!!! Well, I'm "coming out" so to speak. I'm one and ok with that. Really, what's so wrong with trying to do for others what you can't do for yourself, when it is something so wonderful and caring as trying to help someone when they are down and out. When they see no tomorrow or any hope. We all are if you think about it. If we weren't we wouldn't need to be here. They are very few members here that are here only to help others. Very few!!! And many of those that come here for that very purpose, end up searching for some help eventually. It's the nature of the beast ( suicide). If you aren't yourself, you can tend to bring down those around you without even meaning to. It's nobodys fault. I can't believe that any member here would purposely try to bring any one down with them. Yeah, I'm just home from hospital from my last attempt. And yeah, very little has changed for me or how I feel about my situation. But as a human being, I can't sit here and read all the pain and suffering and not atleast try to offer some help. I say thank goodness for the hypocrites here. And you know the ones I mean. The ones that may not be able to help themselves but are so eager to help others. Yet, don't get me wrong. Those very same individuals often seek out the help of others. It may not seem like your words of help have accomplished much to us hypocrites, but they do. We just don't know how to "medicate" ourselves with those words. So to all the hypocrites out there..... keep up the good work!!! But don't forget to try and hear the words being offered your way too!!! Sorry, just a ramble that I had to share?
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    Awwwwwwww :hug:

    My name is Courtney and I'm a hypocrite too!!

    *stands up*

    Thank you, Itmahanh, for posting this. :hug:
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    It's ok being a helpful hypocrite guys. Who ever said that being a hypocrite was a bad thing anyways. :cool:
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    I hear ya...sometimes, helping others is help enough for myself...gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling inside :biggrin: