I'm a loser

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    I'm stuck in front of the Pc trying to do a homework for my classess and I can't ,I just CAN'T - i read everything ,i tried but I can't.
    I used to be a straight A student and now I can barely get a C , I was so busy with my ED that I f***ed up everything else.

    Ok , I will fight with my Ed but I'm scared - what's next ?
    What if I wake up and I realize that I have nothing but my Ed , that my life is nothing but counting calories...Omg I can't accept that ,I don't want my life to be like that , but it will...and just the thought of this makes me want to eat even though I'm not hungry , and after I eat I'll have to worry about my weight instead of thinking that i suck at everything I do.

    Is there a point in getting well anyway because right now I can't seem to find a reason to deal with my Ed - I'm really afraid of what will come next and that it would be horrible and won't be able to go through it.
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    There is a point to getting better. While your ED may consume most of your time now, it won't be like that forever. You can recover from it. It can be a viscious cycle, but it is possible. Please don't give up. :hug: