I'm a monster

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  1. MistyMaisy

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    I'm just a monster.
    I try to run peoples lives;
    say what's best for them
    But what do I know?
    I don't know anything.

    My parents don't understand me
    they try to force me around
    shouting at me if I do anything bad
    they can't feel the pain I'm in
    the pain from how they make me.

    The cuts in my skin show me
    that I'm a monster
    I'm a good-for-nothing
    a screw up
    no one wants me
    so these cuts go deeper
    no one can see them,
    no one can see my pain.

    I felt like writing my problems in poem form..Idk..I just feel like cutting..again and again..
  2. total eclipse

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  3. windlepoons

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    I am sorry.
    You are not a good for nothing you are a person who tries to help those around them, who feels a lot of pain and has to let it out.

    Please try not to cut tonight.
  4. Speedy

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    I think your poem is well written. :hug: Hope some of the pain you're feeling subsides soon. Take care....Mr. A
  5. Illusion

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    You're not a monster & people do want you. Were not perfect. Thats our jobs as humans, to fuck things up and keep going like trying to find the sunlight in a dark cave. I know I'm not one to speak but its true. You're intelligent, caring, funny, random, pretty, etc. You can do so much and will be able to someday. You'll be able to leave behind what haunts you now and live your own life. I know being a teenager can be aggravating at times and most teenagers do feel like unwanted monsters at times whether they show it or not. Heck even adults do! So don't make it sound like you're the only one feeling this way cause you're not so therefore you're not a monster. :hug: