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I'm afraid my abuser will hurt others.

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I was molested by my father from at least age 5 to age 10. It only stopped when I threatened to call the police. He also physically abuse my mom and brother and emotionally abused all of us. I'm really worried now because my brother has his head in the sand. He says my father is older and is better, but my father has never gotten any help. The scary thing is my brother lets his kids have contact with my father. The kids are 7 & 8 (a boy and a girl). So far my father hasn't been allowed to be alone with the kids but that could change because my mom passed away a year ago and she kept my brother on his toes to watch out for his kids. My brother just keeps telling the past is the past and leave it there and my father now has more access to the kids. I just don't know what I can do to protect the kids. I've checked on legal means but because I never prosecuted and there have been no signs or allegations from the kids there is nothing the law can do. My brother's solution is just to pretend everything is fine and if my fahter hurts his kids my brother said he will kill him. To me that isn't a solution. I really just want to protect those kids.


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Is there a Child Protective Service where you live? In my area an anonymous complaint HAS to be investigated. If you made a complaint, and stated also that this man had molested you during childhood, it might carry more weight. At any rate, I'd look into those possibilities. I'd also bug my brother unmercifully and never stop reminding him that you had been molested and that the whole family had been abused in some way. What about the kids' mother? Has she any say in the matter, and does she know of your dad's treatment of you/the whole family?? You may be able to get thru to her if your brother won't listen. Please, for the sake of the kids, don't give up on this.



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I agree that your nephew and niece are at risk, please consider what Least said, is talking to their mum feasible?
Talk to the authorities and find out what action you can take.

Take care

Hazel :hug:


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OMG, he has to listen you even if that means driving him mad with your nagging and to repeat what Least said, check it out with the child protection people.

I won't sleep thinking about those poor kids!!!!
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