im all out of synch

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and really need to get it together. every time i try something i feel i am not good enough, i want to become a air flight controller, but im afraid my credentials are not good enough. i want to get into economy study, but apparantly its a special study that you need to sign in earlier than normal so im too late for my favorite study, and even if i do hit it ill be 27 while normally i would have been 24 when i would be done with my master. it all just feels too little too late. and its not just the carreer part that is down the drain, my everyday life has evolved into the same boring routine, from having fun being around people and being fun to be with i stopped caring and just retreated as much as i can and i dont feel in tune with myself anymore. everybody is leaving me if i havent left them already. you know that from elder times were supposed to live in a tribe. well ive been abolished from mine and cant find a tribe to hang around with that will be able to replace it. and just in these times of need there is nobody who i can talk with, im thinking about drastic stuff. i have to. i have nothing left to lose anyway, is it time to bring out the big guns?


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It sounds as though much of your problems are based solely on a lack of self esteem. Instead of think that you can't be a flight controller because of your grades, then why don't you buckle down and do some extra studying? Set aside some of your free time and get down to the business at hand that WILL make you become a great one?

Who cares if you'll be 27 by the time you start your study into economics? Sure, you would be a little older than some of the others in your class, but if it's something that you have a passion for and really want to do, then what's the big deal about starting a few years later? I just mean, an extra 3 years won't really change anyone's opinion of you or think or you differently, so long as you do a great job at it, would it?
And regarding your life, if it's starting to feel like you've gotten into a tedious repetitive routine, then you should spice things up. Go out on the nights where you would normally sit at home, or go and experience crazy new things on a whim. A dog gets bored if you take it on the same walk around the neighbourhood every day, and that's the same with people. You need variety in your life to keep things interesting and to really make you feel excited about doing something.
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