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I'm almost 2m high and still so small in everyones eyes..

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Like the subject says.

I don't know how to get friends, I used to have a million of them who always talked to me. Everyone had respect for me, wanted to know me but now it's just the other way around.

My former best friend laughs at me and earlier today when I talked to a guy she told me she thought it was cute of me to try and get more friends.. I just felt like a baby. Later her boyfriend left school and instead of asking me to come with her to lunch she asked a guy she havn't talked to for ages, that really hurts since I used to be the one she's always with...

Another friend of mine told me to fuck off the other day just because I didn't agree with her. Normally I wouldn't care, I'm used to lose friends but this day,on the morning bus I had been thinking of who I'd be willing to spend most money on for a birthday gift. All my friends ended up around 20 - 30$ but this one I felt I could spend over a 100$ and still be happy.. this one also told me as I said to fuck off... someone I thought was going to be my "best" friend felt more or less the other way about me obviously.

Now I'm all alone, sitting here in my schoolcorridor and everytime someone talks to me I ask myself "Will that guy/girl truly be my friend?" but it mostly takes about 5 minutes for me to realise that no, that person don't consider me as a friend, just a dude in school.

Life sucks
School sucks
and friends.. they are totally useless!
I am curious to know what has changed AuronT. Could it be some of your friends are feeling insecure around you for some reason and their defense mechanism is to make you feel bad so they can feel better? Well I hope you are successful in life, whether they are or not.
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