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I'm almost certain I'm going to commit suicide when I turn 18.

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I used to be a happy person, but past events ruined my mind and made me socially messed up and depressed. My life is already terrible. I can't see my life getting any better with all the crap I have to face, yet. I'm guessing this is a normal fear though. I'm sure there's lots other who feel the same way about the future. Do you think this is just a phase?

Sorry, I made this a little short. I'm tired as **** and need to get to bed.


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I dont know if it is a phase. It is something that many people suffer repeatedly when they suffer from depression or other mental health issues. I know that doesnt sound promising, but with help you can make it through. Keep posting and getting it out so it doesnt become such a big fear. Also posting is a distraction which can help too :arms:
I think that if you used to be a happy person, you can probably become a happy person again.

I think that if you get some treatment and therapy, get yourself into a positive supportive environment, take good care of your general health, you can probably bounce back.

I think that if you go untreated for a long time, it can get worse. Please do what you can to save yourself as soon as you are able.

Best wishes to you!


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Well, a huge proportion of adolescents are fatalists. They did a study on it once. They just asked teenagers if they thought they were going to die young. An extraordinary percentage said yes, that they thought they were going to die before the age of 30.
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