i'm alone

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i am alone i have no one to turn to. everything is so black right now. i should be happy, i have 3 kids and they are good. but i am raising them by myself. the only thing that keeps me from giving in to my struggle is the fact that i can't leave them like that. but they are still young they would bounce back quickly if i just gave up now. i don't know how much longer i can keep it all together. i am full of shame i am a hideous and horrible person. ihate myself and i just let everyone down. i can't tell anyone my shame noone around me can know that i cut myself. ican't tell anyone why they don't want to hear it. i am sorry i wasted your time and this space to post my own stupid nothing. this space could be better used by someone more worthy.


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#1 it is never a waste of time to help those in need
#2 young or not they will never recover from your death
#3 you are in no way alone, if it only those like my self on the internet, you are not alone
#4 you are not horible or hidiouse, you are a human being in pain, nothing more nothing less

as to the rest, worry not, the future is tomorrow and we never know what it will bring. hope is like rain, it dost fall from the sky ever day...so in closing stay as safe as you can be and know that you are not alone, we are numerous and we like to help, well most of us neways....
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thank you for replying to my post. i know that my kids would never recover, but ithink sometimes that they would be better off without such a freak for a mom. i just need someone to talk to sometimes and there is not anyone around that i can talk to. thank you for your kind words


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freak for a mom? nah, if you cant call my mother a freak then you cant be a freak, and despit my problems the majority of them arent anyones fault let alone my mothers, if you are in desperate need of some one to talk to we have very exelant chat rooms avalible for your use, just fllow the link at the top of this page, i troll around there a bit so if none els is avilible and you see me in there, go a head a shoot me a pm...take care and play safe
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