Im always wrong even though I have proof

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    Everyone is telling me im wrong about my diagnosis. People with the same thing tell me im wrong. I ask them to do something that takes 5 seconds to prove im right. And they dont do it and then tell me im wrong. They refuse to see my evidence. I show them photos of my biofilm from my nose and im wrong. They make up some excuse on how its not slime. I use journals as evidence but im wrong. You can make any assumption you want with no proof and you are right. Someone makes up that drinking carrot juice cures cancer ( no proof provided) and everyone believes them. Someone says that being positive cures cancer and people believe them. This is insane. How irrational can people be. Stop treating me horribly because you dont want to admit you are wrong. You could easy check my facts but you refuse because deep down you know im right but you only care about your pride! This is sickening and disappointing. Even the person who lied to me through the whole relationship didnt believe me. What is wrong with society! Im sick of this. Why am i the only person not believed.
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    What will they not believe?