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Im an idiot

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I guess you know now that I wasnt successful. And some times I wonder if that is a positive or not. But Im here.
My parents (remember that Im 49) are being over protective. They have always been estranged from me for a number of reasons. But of course they seem to want to control my life now. And friends sort of look at me a little differently. Im sure that they are thinking 'there goes the nut case'
I feel stupid for... not succeeding.
I feel stupid because now I have to address these other things in my life
I feel stupid because my kids act differently to me.
I feel stupid because I ended up in the nut house.
I feel stupid because .... oh hell I just feel stupid.

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YOU are NOT stupid okay you have an illness and it was taking you away that all Tell your parent to back off okay yes the love you but tell them you need breathing space i am glad you are here hun lots of people care here.


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im glad youre still here.
i had an unsuccessful attempt about a month ago.
yep things do feel strange, i felt very sorry for worrying everyone and even using up health services.
people worried about me and treated me different at first but i showed i was making more of an effort to get better - if there is ever a cure - but more meds and taking things easier.
dont worry about what people think - thats their time and effort - if they didnt matter before they dont now. as for your kids show them your love and make sure they dont worry about you.
maybe its time to change meds or drs. even.
i wish you the best of everything and take care. you are always welcome here no matter what your mood is!!! we are here to help as others have helped us through the hard times.


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hey Iain I'm glad you're still here..
and I can relate to feeling 'stupid'..... but it's a feeling and not the truth about you.
you went to hospital for treatment for your illness.
now you have another chance at life

your parents are probably terrified they're going to lose you hence their over -protectiveness...
we were really worried here we'd lost you too.
I hope you keep reaching out and talking to us and it helps
this is what my therapist would tell me to say

"I may feel stupid, but I'm not"

:hugtackles: :console:
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