I'm angry

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    I'm angry as all hell

    I'm as good as anyone and I'm tired of being screwed with by piss ants on and off the net that think they're somehow too good. How dare you treat me with such disrespect, because of you bastards, I'm now a very angry human being that's damned tired of being pushed around and have been lifting weights every fucking day. Come on mother fuckers, make my day!!!!! Come on stop with the words and let's play...3 years of the arts on top of the weights...Come on asshole. I'll fucking die before I bow to you. I fucking hate you.

    How dare people that love me subject me to such mental pain that they have within my life. How dare they force me to sleep in the front room while trash killed each other all around me every few days. grrr, grrr, grrr....I deserved a hell of a lot more of a chance then that. Goddamnit! No one gave a shit about giving me a hand at bringing me up to the point I was capable of until I found the strength within my late teens. All these piece of trash did is side against me and threaten me from the boards(message boards) to the worthless public school from the 7th to 12th grade. To make matters worse I have developed severe trouble with going around anyone or studying around people as I start hurting so bad. I had built myselve into a A student in math within a few years before this happened, GRRR, goddamnit, fuck!...So my college career has been fucking destroyed outside of online classes. What a freaking life. The mobile home I moved into to study for those years of advancement burnt to the ground because I wanted to be warm. :(

    How dare my so called friends treat me as second class. For what? Why? All I want is love and will truly forever stand by you with more honor, respect and give a damn then these other people have for you. I honestly don't freaking deserve to be treated as a second class piece of trash because I can speak my mind with more balls then 90% of this worthless fucking country. That's the problem these days NO one will stand behind anyone that has them. So they just give up. Wondering why the worlds screwed up??? Well, think about that for a second. No one wants to break a glass. I'm sorry I'm angry and I do take it out on everything, but someone certainly has too.

    What's so wrong with me wanting a girl friend? Don't I freaking deserve to have love and children within my life? I say(believe within my little mind) I most certainly do. I offer nothing less then committment and outright love of the truest form. NOT a ONE NIGHT STANDS or using the woman as a piece of trash like most of the younger men do today! I seen what they did to my younger sister. The pieces of trash. Nope, that's not me as I'm someone that has something called honor and loyality to anyone that I love. I honestly just want someone to hug me and stand by me forever....Is that wrong? Is that bad, evil or above the line? If it is please just kill me NOW. I don't want to live on this planet anymore without those things. Please end my suffering if you think I'm undeserving. Please.

    I deserve freedom
    I deserve happiness
    I deserve friends
    I deserve a girl friend
    I deserve a committed woman that I can lean on
    I deserve children
    I deserve a goddamn chance!

    I'm either going to get that or I'm going to do one or either of two things, 1# fight or 2# suicide. What ever let's out the rage fastest. The rage is my wanting what every man has(or has thrown away) and I don't.

    If this post has want over the top...Well, the truth of my life is over the top.
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    The level of mental pain throughout the home, school and the internet throughout my teenage years is undescribeable. The whip cream and cherry has been put ontop of this within the past 5 years. (I'm 27).