I'm angry.

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  1. detest

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    I'm angry at god(if there even is one) for making me this way. I'm angry at the people around me for having it better, and being happy. I'm angry at the very concept of existence. I wish life were not live, I wish we didn't have free will, I wish life were scripted and pre-determined. That way, there would be no errors or mistakes in this world, only harmony. I'm angry at myself for this "sickness" I've developed.

    I'm so, so close to just ending it all, my family's feelings be damned.
    No one wants to help me. I'm just alone, forever.
  2. scarlettdrknss

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    Hmm, do you really think being a mindless zombie controlled by society would be better? I mean, sometimes when I felt bad I used to wish the same thing but when I really thought about it I realized that it was an awful thought. Freedom is my top priority. Where would we be without it? Not that I feel free in this world, on the contrary, but what use would be there in being a doll that just followed orders? You wouldn't need a mind, you wouldn't even be anyone. There would just be a doll that looked like you. You wouldn't really exist.