I'm back after a year +

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    Hi ,
    I'm not sure what to write today.. I just need to talk. I have t been on here in over a year... I was trying to check on some people but it seems it's all changed.. I still recognize names.. I hope you are all well...

    I'm doing ok. My life is turning up but what goes up always comes back down. I just want a steady upward climb.

    I ended a 9+ year relationship... It wasn't good for me and I finally had the balls to get out of it. They say women are weak for staying in a situation they are not happy in... I think I'm incredibly stupid but I'm also glad that I'm out. I'm free and I can move on... I don't miss him one bit, but I do want love. Sucks because I thought someone else cared about me but actions say otherwise...

    My mind has slowly been drifting to self harm but I haven't done it and the urges are not there it's just thoughts... Although the other day it was stronger. Funny I want to get rid of a scar (word) with another scar...

    I think I'll be ok I just need to work through my shit. All areas in my life have gone down except for career which is going up.

    I'm trying to stay positive but it's hard. For those of you reading this and have your struggles it'll be ok. I mean that from my heart, the world is a funny cruel place and I know I'm feeling like shit but maybe it'll turn to gold.
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  2. Petal

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    hi sparrow, I remember you, welcome back to the forums. Yes, the forum has changed but once you stick around you will get the hang of it again. You were very strong to get out of that relationship, very brave not stupid. I hope things work out for you and i'm really glad to hear your career is on the uo side, ((hugs)) to you, feel free to talk to me anytime :)
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  3. Freya

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    Welcome back to the forum - I am sorry that life has hit a "down" for you but I am glad you have had "ups" enough to know that they always come back around eventually. It would be easier by far if life just went up steadily but I think that would also be really hard to learn and grow from.

    I do want to say congratuations for getting yourself out of a relationship that was bad for you. I know how hard that is. Well done. Keep doing things that you know are good for yourself, even if you feel shitty, and life will hit an "up" again soon.

    Take care,
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  4. Yoyogirl86

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    Give yourself time to get over the ending of relationship, but I promise things will get better. i find that watch movies really helps me feel better but not too romantic as that may trigger it more. I would also suggest getting together a playlist of your favourite upbeat songs and songs to get away from the ex. (Ms Dyamite Put him out, I will survive, back to black) and working out in the gym, venting fustrations in diary/blog or a forum helps. Anything that makes you feel as if you've won, he's lost you
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    Thank you petal, I'll be sure to stick around, you and others have always helped me. Thank you
  6. Sparrow91

    Sparrow91 Well-Known Member

    Thank you Freya and yoyogirl86

    The break up was for the best and I'm totally over it, I'm not over the fact that it destroyed me emotionally. I do want love but I don't miss himself.
    I've been watching a lot of movies, it's actually keeping my hopes up, some are a little romantic which helps and doesn't at the same time .
    I'm definelty going to write about my experience, I'm feeling more comfortable about talking it now that I'm out.

    Thank you thank you ❤️