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I'm Back and I'm Blessed

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What's up guys? I haven't been on here in a while because back in March I bought a Playstation 3 and I sold my laptop 2 my brother because the Playstation 3 can be used as a web browser. However the PS3 can't be used for forums. But God(the real God) has blessed me with an android phone, and now I can continue 2 help spread the word against this social set back known as Christtianity. This year has been great. As I mentioned I've been blessed with a Playstation 3 and an android phone. I've been with 4 girls this year and I was even living with a girl for a little while so u know I was enjoying that(if u know what I mean LOL!!!) I'm now on my 5th girl and it seems like she is good enough 2 be my girlfriend, which will be good because I'd rather prefer 2 be with 1 girl and build up a meaningful relationship. My purpose for wanting her is more than just to have a girl in my life, but also 4 the purpose of making children so I can help raise a generation of free minded people who can possibly influence other people 2 be free minded.If the chain reaction keeps happening then maybe one day our grand children or great grandchildren can live in a world the way God intended. And that is to just focus on living a good moral life and get 2 Heaven by using common sense rather than living by some foolish ancient tradition(the bible) whose true intentions is 2 control society. I know I may be dreaming big but hey people have accomplished some major things over the years. I just don't want our future generations 2 have 2 go through the hell that we've been through because of the deception of christianity and islam. Maybe then everyone can enjoy the true pleasures of Earth before they receive the ultimate pleasures of heaven. Because even though we will die in this lifetime, that does not mean people should be robbed of the entertainment they can experience here(an idea that many christians seem 2 have)
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