Im back but is in worse condition

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    I still want to die! Only problem; Im a coward. I dont know what to do... I have restless legs but then Im to lazy to even care... What should I do?? Life really sucks, I dont wanna be here and I have lost sexual interest totally, that sucks!!!

    Told you that I am a believer, in fate, because I were a badman in my before life and now I have to live with these sinds.

    I must get karma till 10% before I can 'live' like a normal been. Dont sind! It will show in your after-life, you wanna be a god person dont you?

    I must tell myself I can do it, Im too alone for it, I had a friend who <edit moderator total eclilpse method> and I dont wanna know if he's dead. Im sorry.
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    Hi hun I am sorry you are not feeling any better I hope that coming back here you can talk to us ok and see that you are not alone hun. We all make mistakes in our life it is what we learn from them that is important hun hugs
  3. LillMy8989

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    TY:) I am a evil person inside of me, if you dont believe its allright but Im telling the truth, I must leave this world for a better future, ive done my karma to double and it must be enough. I have buddha just right over my head so I am save.
    Then I have trouble sleeping cause of my restless legs and still so tired I cant get out of my bed, I know is my medication but I feel more worse without - they say... Haha!:*
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    I am listening to runaway train - soul asylum and only can dream about it. If I didnt exist I wouldnt have this hell of 'life'. Im very sad about that, I wanna see myself like a lifebeliver not opposite.
    So trashy I cant write or think no more, everything is a trap to the devil (Im not joking)!

    I can say that I have some information about my before life, I was born 1916-1978 in houston texas I was executed in may 1978, were a raper and psychokiller got caught in 1944 for his sinds, my name was called Peter, 1.80 meter in height, blue eyes he was a real bad man and evil is eating on my toes, his evil.
    Only way too kill him is to kill me first then the evil eye is gone forever.