I'm back...for now.

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Young suicider, Mar 7, 2010.

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  1. Young suicider

    Young suicider Well-Known Member

    Yah I'm back same reasons...But this stretch of time on the forum is the last.I feel releived that I'm almost out of this;but dissapointed this is how it ended.So early...didn't evan get to high school.

    Sure I could get help,will I?No,it's just not me.

    I had a good what 11 years before I got depressed about bullying,then parent at 12,then relationships at 13 and all those together are way to much to handle.

    I'll make the most out of my last few months...what to do...You know I've never cut...but that might ruin my plan.

    I think of something
  2. cult logic

    cult logic Staff Alumni

    Not sure what you mean by "parent" but if it's divorce or abuse or something it is something that passes and you do get through.

    It takes a while but it does happen, as I've been through some extreme stuff with parents.

    As for relationships that's not even something to worry about at your age.
  3. Young suicider

    Young suicider Well-Known Member

    ^I didn't tell half of you my problems for almost a year and he decides to say what I didn't want him to say^

    That's a trigger
  4. cult logic

    cult logic Staff Alumni

    which part
  5. PandorasToybox

    PandorasToybox Well-Known Member

    Which part triggered you??
  6. Young suicider

    Young suicider Well-Known Member

    I'm not evan sure anymore!

    Everything does!

    A song,a noise,or nothing!

    I'm a @ wreck!!!!
  7. IV2010

    IV2010 Well-Known Member

    I am sorry you feel so down ....I hope you don't hurt yourself ..
    you are so young....don't give up on life just yet......
    are you seeing a doctor, therapist?.....have you tried medication?..
    take care...
  8. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    Well how's this for a start. Keep posting. Keep getting out as much as you comfortably can. You dont need to try all alone. You've got people here that care. And yes if you havent already, you need to talk to a professional that can offer you different resources to help you move ahead. You say the next couple of months. Well spend some of that time seeing if the members or others cant help you find a better solution. Please keep trying. :arms:
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