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I'm Back, So Re-Introduction?

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Hey~ Some of you may remember me, I was fairly active active in the coffee house during the winter, but I ended up leaving because I felt I was spending too much time here. Life is starting to get really hard for me again, so I decided to come back. Hopefully being active again can help me get a little support, if I need it.

For those who don't remember me, I'm Flash :P I'm on this site as a sufferer from suicidal thoughts, self harm, and an eating disorder. I always have a lot to say, and I love talking to people, but I rarely initiate a conversation first. I'm shy like that sometimes.

Alright, so... Hi!


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Join the club! :hug: I've only been playing games in coffee house for around a month, but it's been a blast! Glad I have one more person to play with! :) And yep, I've tried resurrecting threads and making new ones, usually to no avail. :lol!:


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:hugtackles: Welcome back! Forgive my memory its one of issues...
Sending you much positive thoughts and care :stars: I too am shy. Hope you soon feel at home again and supported and strengthened!
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