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    Oh hello Im back after 3 months or so I guess. And yeah Im no better than I was before that in fact I'm actually. Tbh I didnt actually know I would get worse like this coz I thought that I was worse before but nooooo everything just had to prove me wrong and now Im like this. And tbh Ive said and done this so many times I already lost count but that's just how it is.

    Ive been cutting more now. Not more like how many times I cut in a certain span of time but how much worse my cuts are now in terms of condition. Before it would just be scratches and a few small bleeding cuts but now there's more blood involved. Ive now cuts that are hairline like and they've all bled. Oh and Im using knives now instead of pins and needles and semi blunt scissors but I dont force the blade to make cuts I just run them on my skin in hopes they'll leave a cut or two but since my knives here are pretty sharp, they easily do.

    I just dont know if I'll ever recover from this or that there's anything I can do about this anymore. Idk Im just so messed up I dont even know where Im going with this post. I just have alot of things pent up I dont know anywhere else to go.
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    Lots of time discussion of the things bothering you and what has been going on with that stuff is more useful then the symptoms alone unless cutting is th eonly issue and and there are no other problems. Aside from th ecutting getting worse whta is going on with other parts of your life?