im back

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just whn i thought i got my life under control somethin happens to just mess it up again!!
My big brother, my only brother has been diagnosed with HIV2.
I dont want him to die. now im upset. i always used to tell him id die b4 him like it was a compition. its not a compition now its real and i dont wanna see him die this young they gave him 5yrs 5 FUCKING years its sooo FUCKED UP
Hold on to hope that just maybe they will have medical advances and find something that can extend his life with good results. If not enjoy and love him for the time you can. None of us are gauranteed an amount of time to live. Unexpected things happen all of the time. I am sorry you received that news mango. I know how devastating it was for me when i learned of a family member diagnosed as well. I am thinking of you and your family. :hug:
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