im beating myself up now

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    well this is new. so im playing my xbox trying to accomplish something and i just get pissed off at myself because i simply cant do it. which leads me to think im just a waste of space which leads me to believe that i cant do anything right. so, whilst playing the drums i realizie im beating myself with every failed note. at least its not cutting right? anyways is this even right? should i do something?i mean i am a cutter not a beater... weird as that sounds. so if you know me and are on msn, talk to me. my ipod is gonna die and im online with my xbox on msn...
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    I get frustrated a lot with PS games too... leaves me feeling disappointed with myself, but it's irrational really. Where games are concerned you just have to keep practicing, or trying until you get it. Same with drums I'm guessing! The more you play the better you'll get. I don't really know you, but feel free to PM for MSN if you want some company.
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    omg me being a pretty serious gamer competing in some i also get extremly frusted with my self when i can't do something on the game, but i have learnt to control abit better simply by saying if it wasnt possible they wouldnt have put it in a game so keep on practicing well thats my bit good luck and like mel-x said just have to keep practicing.