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im being threatened

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my ex told me that she would rip my face off? all because her gf bitched at me and said not to talk to her and i dont talk to her anyways so im like ok whatever. then i get a whole bunch of messages from my ex and now shes threatening me? fucking ridiculous.

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record all her threats time day what was said keep a record and report them to the authorites she is harassing you and threatening you that is against the law. Get her name on record so if anything happens the cops have a report of all the abuse she has caused you hugs


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If its on Facebook, take printscreens. They will be useful when she deletes them and the police won't bother to ask fb for copies.


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Donno how serious you're taking these. I'll throw it in here, sometimes people act tough and chat shit online, but that's as far as it goes. Especially with this concerning your ex. Sounds like she's pissing up a tree tbh, but yeah. If you sincerly feel this is an issue, yes print screen it as juniper suggested. (though this won't be admissible in a court, they'll have to retrieve the actual data from FB itself in the even she has deleted the comment(s)).

Some people are just jerks and think a loud offensive voice means alot. Fuck em tbh. Doesn't really sound like people you want in your life, but that's just an outside opinon. :hug:
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