I'm better off alone

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    why do people always leave me.. they leave me when i tell them how i feel and they still leave me when i refuse to tell how i'm feeling.. i think it's better if i cease interacting with anybody.. never let anybody close to me.. get back on my old routine of never talking to anybody.. and sharing things about me.. i let my guard down for somebody.. and she just crushed my heart repeatedly.. why did she even do that.. i should just keep to myself.. stay in my own room.. cry by myself.. i hate feeling too much pain..i hate the urge to self-harm.. i fucking hate how a single person could get me to spiral down into this mess.. and now i'm left here in my room shaking, crying, trying to stop myself from hitting the walls and hurting myself.. i never should have met her.. i never should have allowed myself to get attached to her too much..
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    Cren, I care about you. Please don't harm yourself. Keep posting and let out your feelings on here.