I'm beyond angry!!!!!

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    I'm extremely upset and angry about what happened in Connecticut! I'm at the point of anger where I want to breathe life back into that POS's body just so I could do a major torture session on him, I'm that angry.

    Why, why does anyone think it's okay to do a murder-suicide at a school with little kids?????? Or anywhere for that matter? What is this having to deck out in military gear and go shoot innocent people who have nothing to do with your madness??????

    Helloooooo, you are responsible for your life. No one else! Some of us have some horrible childhoods, some of us get bullied, some of us get abused, but you know what? We have the power to turn that around. If you make it a point to rise above the douchebags that teased you in school, the horrible parents who abused you or other family members, etc., the Universe will take you and show you some wonderful things!!!!! I know. I got horribly teased in school, I was put down by teachers, my parents didn't always get me what I wanted, I found out my best friend really hated me and humiliated me in a number of ways behind my back, I've had horrible bosses, I've been assaulted sexually. Through this, I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder/Panic Attacks and have suffered several nervous breakdowns and horrible depression. There were times I had voices telling me to kill my family and myself, telling me to drive into walls, and other horrible stuff. But I CHOSE not to listen to it. That's why I'm strong. That's why I work now. That's why I don't get sick. That's why I accomplish my goals. Me and whatever spirits are watching over me. I don't make other people responsible for my life and my emotions!!!!!

    You can turn your life around, it can happen. I'm doing it. When I go through the depression, I lock myself in my room and I go through it and wait for the sun to come out again, whether it takes a few days or a few years. I went through seven years of hell, but I went through it. I've had 30 years of disappointments, but I carried on. Nobody was knifed, I didn't drive into a wall, or any other horrible stuff. Why? Because I knew it was WRONG!!!! I made the DECISION, not to listen to the voices because I knew the only person who would suffer would be me!!!!!

    Taking out innocent people does nothing but makes things ever more worse for you. You have to pay for that. There is no nothingness, there is no sweet oblivion with a satisfied look on your face that you hurt someone else. I don't believe in heaven and harps and crap like that, but I do know that there is a place for the soul because I've been to the other side, I've seen it numerous times, I"ve been out of my body, I've talked to other beings, and I understand it's different for everyone, but you get away with NOTHING! What you have here is exactly what you take with you to the other side and you will PAY!!!!! Until you realize that you alone are responsible for your life and fix what you messed up. That you alone have to dig yourself out of the rut you're in. You have to make the decision to choose the right path.


    Be a warrior for your soul, not a terrorist to others.

    That's all I have to say.
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    I also cannot fathom the mindset of someone who is willing to kill just for the purpose of killing. When a child is killed for no reason it boggles my mind and infuriates me even more. Today a person killed at least 26 people including 20 small children and there is no RATIONAL explanation or EXCUSE that could ever justify what happened.

    I am also a victim of sexual assault that involved torture. Like you said, NONE of what happened to me give me a rational reason to kill anyone. Nothing that happened to me or ANYONE else provides a viable excuse to kill innocents, especially children. There are only two people I thought about harming and that was myself and the person(s) who hurt me. Not once have I thought about harming an innocent.

    There is never an excuse for the murder of innocents.

    I'm beyond angry too, and in may ways this world has become a place I'm not sure if it's worth staying at.

    I want to make sure I am clear, I am agreeing with your post.
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    I agree with you both and admire your strength and fortitude.

    The Bible prophesies that "in the last days, life will become treacherous"......... and we have the Mayan prediction to look forward to next Friday (if they are/were correct) - Christians believe that the return of Christ to earth will happen someday and it may all coincide, who can tell?

    But, there are spiritual reasons for such treachery which people generally want to disregard. And Wildhair is right - we take with us what we have chosen to become in this life. And that is why the Gospel of Grace is such good news for those who know they need forgiveness. I know no one wants to forgive the gunman - I am just thankful that it's not in my power to judge.
  4. WldHair

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    Thank you both for understanding. It's horrible enough for a person to want to take their own life, but I can certain understand the feelings of wanting to, but this going to shoot innocent people makes me angry. And from what I'm learning is this kid was quiet, a very smart, genius type. What set him off?

    I have two teenage daughters. I'm very close to them and I talk to them all the time. We are Wiccan and we celebrate together and I include them in most of my life. I ask them how they're feeling, what they think about this or that, if anyone is bothering them in school. We are all three misfits and we don't fit in. My youngest daughter is Autistic and my oldest daughter struggles with her weight. But I'm very strong and let them know that we have to take the cards we're dealt. I'd like to think that if they were entertaining any dark thoughts, they'd let me know about it.

    There are spiritual reasons for these tragedies and I don't have any hate for the gunman other than being angry at him. I've since calmed down from my last post. He unfortunately, will have to go through a long time of attonment.
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    There really is no accounting for what runs through the minds of people who do such things, although I suppose that one way to look at it is that given their mind-set and whatever personal humiliation, torture, abuse they themselves were dealt, they thought it somehow justified inflicting the same on those around them; whoever just happened to be in the way at that given time.
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    I don't disagree with any of the thoughts expressed here. I cannot imagine how the parents and friends and family will get through the upcoming holiday season, a time of year fraught with emotional triggers in the best of times. What also upsets me, from my reading of blogs and articles, is how casually the term "mentally ill" is tossed about. As the OP so eloquently said, not all of us with a diagnosis go batsh*t crazy and take innocent lives (of any age, but kids? sheesh). I am so careful to keep my diagnoses from anyone who doesn't have a need to know. All the talk of needing a psychiatric evaluation for this or that scares me as much as the concealed weapon law my stupid governor is likely to sign today. Guns, I live in gun country and I just don't understand it. The knowledge that the drunk down the street sleeps with a loaded 457 under his pillow is not exactly comforting. I know this is a ramble, but having the illnesses we have is tough enough without being considered a probable mass shooter just because of them.