I'm broke and discouraged

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by DarnTired, Dec 11, 2006.

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  1. DarnTired

    DarnTired Antiquitie's Friend

    I've been out of work for six months and my unemployment has just run out. I've been looking through the ads and have even started applying to places like Staples and Costco (something no man reaching his 40's wants to do) and even they're not calling me back!

    I look at the ads, know that I should apply, but after months of not landing jobs, I'm so discouraged that I can barely lift my head up.

    I applied to a temp agency a month ago and they haven't found me one, single job. I call up those ads that promise quick Xmas money and they never call me back, and yet they run the very same ad the following week!

    Why can't I find some way to make a living. Why do places put up "Help Wanted" signs and then take two months to call you back and, when they do, it's for their store in Yonkers?

    I feel as if the world is playing some terrible game with me. How long do they expect a man to take it?

    Yesterday, some friends came over with bags of groceries, saying that they were cleaning out their refigerator and decided I could use some stuff they didn't need. I know they lied: they went shopping and bought me stuff. I'm grateful to them, but I want to buy my own food and be thought of as some guy who needs to be taken care of.

    I want family and friends to be proud of me. I want a job.

    That's it, now I'll go back to the want ads and the cold calls. Wish me luck, somebody.
  2. twilightki

    twilightki Well-Known Member

    Not much advice I can give you but to keep at it. You'll get a job as soon as you know it. Once Christmas goes it will be much easier. Everyone is looking for a job, or sidejobs right now for gift money. Just stay strong.
  3. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    Oh Darn...what sweet friends :cry:

    Don't know what it's like in the states, but here in the UK the job centre actually helps you find work. We have re-training schemes and stuff as well to get you back into work.

    Have a word with your unemployment department, how can they just cut off your money without offering you an alternative?
  4. consciousinsane

    consciousinsane Well-Known Member

    Sorry about your situation. I don't know how it feels first hand, but my mom (also in her 40's) went thru a similar situation. She was so stressed and worried her electric would get cut off and all that. About one week before her unemployment was over she found a part time job.

    Just hang in there and keep putting your name in the bucket!! I know it must feel like why even bother. Turn that around to why not bother. That one more application might be waiting for you. If you don't fill it out and turn it in you'll never know.

    I know you want to take care of yourself, but let people help with what they can. "Don't take away their blessings" is how I hear some people put it.

    It also might help to actually take a break. Take a day off. Even just looking for a job is hard work. It can wear you out mentally, and quick. Take a day off of searching and enjoy a hobby.
  5. DarnTired

    DarnTired Antiquitie's Friend

    How can they? Schwartzenegger is my governor and Bush is my president. That's how.

    Thanks for those who responded. It's nice to see that people are interested. I sometimes feel that nobody wants me and nobody cares. I know that's not true, but it sometimes feels like it.
  6. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    Awww Darn :hug: :hug: :hug: We old farts must stick together
  7. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Dear DarnTired;

    I know 'broke and discouraged' way too well. I was laid off early '04 and lived off my (tiny) severance pay and unemployment til that ran out then pulled all 12 thousand of my (only) retirement monies to live on til I found work. I found a horrible job, I only lasted 3 wks, then found a slightly less horrible job, only lasted one week cause I was so depressed I couldn't concentrate well enough to learn the job. Shortly thereafter I put an ad in our local paper for housecleaning work. I got my first job within a week... but didn't get any more jobs for a couple months. Then in July 05 (shortly after I registered here depressed and suicidal) I was hired at a second pt time job... then I started picking up more cleaning jobs.

    It took me about a year and a half to get back up to NEARLY full time work... but not the same rate of pay as the factory that laid me off. I thought I was going to kill myself over my failures and worthlessness... SF kept me from going over the edge and then my finances started to get better, along with my attitude. Please PLEASE don't give up or allow yourself to stay discouraged for too long - your break will come, it just takes time. And as for your friends, please allow them to help you out - that's what friends are for. Mine did it for me when I was at my lowest, now that I'm doing better, I help my friends any way that I can, even tho it may be just in little things. (My first cleaning client was too broke to afford me last week as she's been - unjustly - fired from her job, and only recently found another, not as good. She's also been very sick, plus the injury from the job that fired her... so I came out and cleaned her house for no charge. Merry Christmas! It made her cry, then feel better, then made me feel really good. Yes, I could also have used the money, I"m in dire straits myself, but she's worse off right now.)

    Sorry for rambling on... Is there any sort of volunteer work you could do like at an animal shelter or a soup kitchen or homeless shelter or anything?? Not only would it make you feel better, it could also lead to "real", as in "paying" work - if not for that volunteer place, perhaps just thru networking with the other volunteers and paid staff. Give it a go, if you can, you might be surprised. And, like I said, please allow your loving friends to help you over this rough spot. That will make them feel good, and you can "pay it forward" for someone else when you're better off. Good luck.:smile: Don't lose heart!:smile: You'll be ok, I just know it!:smile: :smile:


    least....the aging hippie sixties music lover:wink:
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