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I'm broken

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Is it broken? can we work it out? Lets light up the town, scream out loud
I can see in your eyes.. you're ready to break..
Don't walk away....

I Think I'm broken, and those I want to turn to are walking away....

I dont wanna die. but, it's there


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What's eating at you Jess?please share your pain I can feel the hurt you're going through I'll try my best to help you I know it's hard.


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I'm sorry your hurting like this right now. Maybe it's time to turn to others. And broken isn't so bad.. it's a change and a new start but things can still turn around. Have you ever heard of the Hall of mirrors in Versaille Castle?

The archetect ordered these really huge mirrors to line the hall.. but when they arrived they were broken into all sizes.. some into very small peices. At first, the archetect was furious.. than scared because the king was not well known for his "compassion and understanding" and finally the archetect was hopeless. And then an inspiration occured to him. The peices were so small they could be molded around columns, molded everywhere! other peices were recut and formed into panes. The result is the most beautiful archetectural accomplishment in it's time.. the Hall of Mirrors.

When a door closes new paths open up. Ans sometimes the most difficult changes turn out for the best.

Hold on Jess.
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