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I'm "busy"

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Is that code for "I just hate you and don't want to talk to you, dipshit"? lol

Especially when status isn't even set to busy.

Yeah, I know. I take stuff damn personally. 10 years of failed friendships and being stabbed in the back tends to do that to a guy.


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I think its all situational...if you get it a lot thou, the person might not want to talk to you...if you dont get that reply too often they really just might be busy


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Hmm...well, I'm beginning to think it's just too much of me to ask for someone in life who isn't a two-faced backstabber. They're from a dating site. This person seemed cool and genuine. Nothing struck me as a "red flag" at first and we had a chat the other night which I *thought* went well (guess not so). Yesterday I logged in. As soon as that happened, they logged out. Coincidence maybe? I don't know. Then this today. So understandably, I feel like I'm being shunned and avoided so I think I'm just going to take the hint and go no further. I can tell when I'm not wanted.

If I'm going to have to put up with shit like this then perhaps I shouldn't bother with the site anymore. No one's even cared to message me anyway. It's always me who has to initiate it ALL the freakin' time.

Or maybe I'm just being COMPLETELY irrational lol. You think? Maybe?

I just get really suspicious of people in general and their motives.

Yes, in case you couldn't tell by now, I'm screwed up in the head! :whack:

EDIT: 1000 posts. w00p! Where's my prize? :tongue:
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I dont think youre completely mental, but maybe a little bit :P As far as irrational, I think the same way you do...look at little things, like someone signing off when you get on and always overthink it. Keep initiating conversations, you might find someone who is really nice but shy and they wouldnt have the courage to message you first.

here are your prizes


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my principle has always been - i'll make it clear i want to talk with you. if you don't respond, you're not interested. and at the very least, out of respect, i'll leave you alone.


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Dateing sites are very unpredictable.. I have a friend who tried it and he said that everyone he hooked up with were flakes..I think you would do better to let things fall on there own..


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Been trying to let things fall on their own for years and nothing's happened so I'm trying to take a bit of a pro-active stance now.

I'll take the hint though and assume that this person no longer wishes to speak. If she does then she can IM me. If not, oh well. C'est la vie! *Crosses off the list*

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Just thought I'd add that it isn't even really the fact that I got snubbed. That's life. What sucks is that this person didn't even respect me enough to be honest with me. Took the cowards way out. Just as well. I have no time for dishonest people.
No,it means "I am too busy being a self absorbed asshole,in fact you shouldn't be annoyed at all because I am currently in the process of setting up something so awesome for myself that is gonna blow up in my face sending me crawling back to you very grateful for your friendship until everyone who now thinks I'm an asshole forgets what a dismissive and selectively friendly/unfriendly type of asshole pain the ass I really am" type of busy.

Your friend is a busy bee-atch.
In their lifetime they will only produce for you one teaspoon of "friendship honey" as a result of 6million social butterfly hours of trying to have their cake and eat it.
Lol at nomoneytoplease.

But as for these dating sites, I'd not have a clue. I know a few men who are on them all the time but it's more like a meet and rut website - I mean, a 'date' and a first date at that - I'd not expect anything more than a good night peck on the cheek perhaps - but a tongue if I'm lucky.

Everytime I go on file-sharing websites I get a advert for 'women in your area who want to ****' - boy, they are not shy these ladies! Photos show women who really don't need to advertise online for anything. They are too young for me - 19-25, but if they need help getting a date I'm amazed.

In my area - I think she'd last about 1 minute before the usual parade lined up to try it on.

But these dating, or basic meet and grope websites, I don't know, I'd take a one night stand in a pub perhaps but no way would I meet someone off a dating website who might well be doing this every weekend to the point were I'm basically 'next'.

At least meeting women in a social situation you can actually see if you get along. Some date off the internet - sure there must be genuine ones out there - but I find that most people I know who use them are pretty much just looking to get laid - no matter how much they chat about 'meeting a soulmate' online. Its like a competition between a few people I know.

I'm VERY wary of people 'meeting' online - and have heard a few bad stories in that regard - older men, younger women, at best your just used, at worse, well, bad things can happen.

At least if you date locally you might KNOW some background on anyone who you date.

Then again, love is a risk no matter what - and maybe you'll love someone from somewhere else or someone from another country.

I'm busy myself - lol - only messing - but I love you like a bro.

good luck my man - don't take it personal - sounds like the bee is collecting pollen and maybe you best wait for one that is a better 'buzz'.

Bee well my friend.
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