I'm confused and depressed

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I've been thinking lately of applying for disability because my MDD is severely interfering with my ability to work and screwing up my school life. I'm almost positive my claim will be denied cause I'm 19 and have only been working for a little over 2 years.

But I've cut myself at work and school before. And when I'm at work, (I'm a toll collector) I constantly have thoughts about walking right out into traffic. And I constantly think about cutting myself during a break in the bathroom.

And the other issue is my parents. Mostly because they'll think I'm doing this to get out of working and I'll just be lazy. I hate it when they assume that because it hurts me that they would think that way.

I've been looking around for information on SSD and mental illnesses, but haven't really been able to find anything useful. Does anyone have any useful advice, or know of a website where I can find information? It would be greatly appreciated.

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Booth job. I used to work in one of those once upon a time, too. Not taking tolls, but something similar. I had to quit. Something about that environment is just soul crushing to have to deal with.

I hope your disability claim has some sort of positive outcome. Might as well try at least, see how it goes.
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Me too. The worst they can say is no and I have to reapply, right? I just hope they're nice about it.

Correction: I'm 20, not 19. I must have been having a brain fart when I wrote this.
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