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I'm confused on what to do now.

A couple of months ago I started dating this girl, and things went pretty well at first but then things fell through the gutter and constantly our relationship hit bumps until there was nothing but arguments and breaking up and getting back together.

Well a few months ago we had broken up for good when she left me for her best friend, but that wasn't the last of her yet. After they had broken up, she decided to start talking to me again and we sort of had a good friendship until a few weeks ago. I've always still liked her, and I've always wanted to get back together with her but I've never really asked her out again because I didn't want to ruin our friendship and go back to how terrible things were when we were dating. Honestly, our friendship during these last few months was wonderful, and we got along better than we have ever did. There were times when we were a bit too close together, but neither of us had bothered to make a move so that's why we remained friends all this time.

Until three weeks ago, I was already going through a rough time with my depression, and my feelings for her became hard to deal with and I became more stressed and frustrated than ever before. It didn't help that she was back on good terms with her ex and started hanging out with him again, so I decided it was for the best that we stopped being friends, and told her to end all contact with me.

Well it worked, after getting over what happened I started enjoying my life more than ever, and had a great time these past few weeks with my friends. Until recently, when she started texting me again. My anger towards her had already faded away during those weeks so I texted her back, at first it was just small talk, kind of like we just forgot about our argument a while ago. But then she sends me a text saying that 'even though she knows that I don't ever want her to talk to me again, she told me that she had always liked me and she missed how i made her smile before' I didn't really know what to say, so I didn't reply back and now I'm just confused.

I still like her, but I don't know what my feelings are telling me anymore. Part of me is happy that she said she liked me, but another part of me is frustrated that I got back into this mess. It's not like I want to stop talking to anymore either, but I think being friends again would just be awkward but I don't want to lose any communication with her either. I don't what to do, and I don't know whether I should be worried or not if we start to get into a relationship together again, because we never got along when we went out and I don't think I can trust her again because of her and her ex.

What should I do?
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