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I'm constantly depressed, I could really use some advice.

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by killab93, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. killab93

    killab93 New Member

    I'm 20 and I have never experienced anything with a girl. All of my friends have. I was bullied when I was younger. I'm so insecure, I actually have a diagnosis of body dysmorphia and take antipsychotics to help block the neural pathways that cause my intrusive self deprecating obsessional way of thinking. I know deep down that no drug or psychiatrist can fix my face. This all started when I asked people online how I looked and posted in rating threads. What can I do to make myself attractive to women so I don't have to live alone for the rest of my life? Looks are obviously a factor of attraction. I care about personality the most, but people still care about looks.

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    This all started when I posted in the rating threads and I saw a bunch of cute girls posting their pictures and rating other guys.(you post your pic and rate others). Most people say that people intentionally troll or try to hurt others when on the internet, but I know this isn't true because the MAJORITY of these guys were getting good rates, like 7-9. Looks are obviously subjective, so guys that obviously weren't supermodels were STILL getting 8s and 9s... I became so depressed because so many of these cute girls that I would probably want to date if I liked their personality saw me as totally ugly. There was this other thread where you post your picture and make a list of the people you would have sex with based on looks. This type of thread literally made me feel suicidal, seeing all these guys getting compliments and positive feedback while I just got ignored, just like I did in high school. Girls didn't even want to get to know me in high school despite me having friends, getting good grades and even doing wrestling and tennis for sports.

    I hate my face because girls have said it looks weird, gay, too feminine, or plain ugly. I hate my nose because people say it's bulbous and huge I hate my eyes because people say they are too small and far apart I hate my body shape and arm length. All I want to do is look good enough. I never wanted to be a model, just good enough that some girls would want me, that I would statistically have a chance. I used to think I looked normal, decent even! I was so shocked to find so many people hate my looks. What can I do about it?
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    These people are so shallow hun not all of us our supermodels but our care for others our beauty does lie within us The ones that judge on outlook appearance alone you do not want or need their opinion ok hugs to you
  3. insiiideouuut

    insiiideouuut Well-Known Member

    Well, I saw your pic in another thread and I find you extremely attractive and handsome. But of course my opinion wouldn't matter to you if you're only searching for the opinion of shallow losers with impossibly high standards like those guys who rate each other on a number scale, right? :\

    Seriously, there's not a thing wrong with you physically. The only thing girls should find unattractive about you is your low confidence/self-esteem/defeating attitude, that's probably why you don't seem to have any luck with them.
  4. Lars

    Lars Member

    how do you solve low confidence, self esteem and defeating attitude.. thats my problem too