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I'm crazy. Super fast alien time bubble... Yea...

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Sometimes i'll be in bed and it just hits me. Everything goes super fast. If I move its like the noise is fast. The sounds are really loud. If I talk to someone I can't understand them as the speech is too fast to understand. I hear the clock tick fast. I sometimes think aliens have got me and i'm in some time bubble... When I was with my girlfriend I would try to see if she also had it... But she was fine. Even when I talk its fast. I'll move my hand infront of my face and its like I can hear it move fast and its like my hand moves a Split second before I think it...

I just lay there for what must be hours. I can't sleep and i'm scared to move. If I do move and walk, all the sounds drive me crazy. At the moment I cant tell anyone as i'd be sent to a mental hospital or sent back to prison... So I just lay here thinking i'm mad or letting my imagination play tricks.

I really to believe this is happening to me. I know you dont think it is... But why the fuck would time and sound do this? Why if I turn a tv on does nothing anyone is saying make sense? Why does the clock hand turn faster than normal.

Deep down I know this can't happen to just me. I know i'm as mad as a mad hatter. But this is 100% real for me. I'm on no medication and have had this happen randomly since I was in my teens. I've never told a doctor and only told girlfriends and my mum. Now you amazing people... Anyone else have this?


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Until those last couple of lines, I was going to suggest it was the stress of living in a hostel that was hurting you.

I do apologize, I can't relate. What you've described is a phenomenon I've never heard of before. If I had, it would probably be a brief psychotic episode.

The more I think about it, it's possible that you're simply prone to bouts of this experience. It's happened since you were a teenager, you said. It could just be brief bouts of psychosis, probably brought on by a stressor (and you're definitely in one now).
In moments of intense concentration, it's very common for people to experience time slowing down. Elite-level athletes experience this frequently.

So if the experience of time can slow down, I don't see why it couldn't also speed up.

How much of a problem is it for you? Is it accompanied by other symptoms?

It sounds like something unusual, but doesn't seem to be a serious issue unless it is very distressing to you or if it happens very frequently or for a long time.

I suppose that you could talk to a doctor about it, but I don't think that they would put you in a psych ward for it. I think that they usually don't put you in a psych ward unless they think you are a danger to yourself or to others.


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Thanks for your replies :)

I don't get it often. Sometimes I might not get it for a year. I also remember it just happening without any stress around me. I used to get it a lot when I was a teenager. I remember getting it while watching tv and being pissed off because I could not finish the tv show I was watching. I'm sure I was not stressed.

I normally think logicly and get annoyed at myself for not doing so with this. The only explanation I have is its my brain doing this. But I also know that the brain only does things for reasons.

"if" its not my brain... Then i'm screwed... But I think i'm screwed anyway for thinking this.
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