I'm dealing with this is an odd way

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by A_pixie, May 4, 2008.

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    I had my cat Milo since I was six years old. She died today, I had her for 15 years and I haven't cried yet. I feel bad about not crying, I feel a bit sad but nothing overwhelming...it's not that I didn't love the cat, I truly did, I bawled my eyes out when my dog died but why haven't I cried about my cat???

    Is this a delayed reaction or a weird way of dealing with things just by being apathetic...maybe I've got to the point where nothing phases me anymore, I mean some pretty awful things have happened to me but I don't want it to make me cold!!

    How do people deal with grief? Is this normal? Am I just a heartless person?
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    You shouldn't feel bad for not crying about your cat.Maybe your still in shock.Pixie i know your not a heartless person.because you haven't cried over him doesn't mean your cold hearted.

    Maybe you should have a little service for him.and make a little collage of his pictures.and what I wanted to do when my cat passed away is maybe have him put in a pet cemetery.In high school i had a friend whose mom got a tattoo of their cat but that is a bit much.
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    It is not strange that you have not cried for your cat. Everyone grieves differently. I for one, never ever cry, one of my really good friends died a few weeks ago, not a single tear was shed. It doesnt mean you are a heartless person, you just deal with things differently than some.