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I'm Done No more

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by 44Bedtime_Bear, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. 44Bedtime_Bear

    44Bedtime_Bear Active Member

    I can't handle it any more All the humilating insults the being told I am stupid and childish and don't know anything and can't do anything not even cook properly haha I guess being a proffesional cook means nothing I can't keep it in anymore so I blow up and scream at him for what everything to be my fault even the way he makes me feel is my fault and he won't take any responsibility he makes the money he has the say and is more superior than me I have wanted to go back to work and it was him saying I shouldn't cause the doctors say I shoudn't but then I am told I am lazy and do nothing while he is out there working I guess trying to keep the house clean and cooking and doing his laundry means nothing I make no money I am not worth anything he is tired of all my shit so it should me me who leaves and not get a cent as he has paid for everything well he hasn't any money I recieve from wcb goes to him this house and my son whom he wants to stay here with him and he is not the biological father but I am told it is only him he wants why then he has someone to do all his work for him, morning and night my son fills the boiler to heat the house who turns the solar pannells for power and helps all the time with fixing things and yet at times he gets mad saying my son can't do anything right either god he only 12 years old cut him a break. I feel like I am having a nervouse break down and have nobody to talk with who will listen with out judging me for feeling this messed up.....Sorry for being so stupid, sorry for being beneath you
  2. Robin

    Robin Guest

    Hey Bedtime Bear, I know I'm a guy but I can completely understand where you coming from. What you're feeling was all too comon in the uk not so (30 years ago and more), it's a terrible place to be in and very disempowering and it just goes to show the true level of maturity to your husband when he blames a capable 12 year old for not being able to do anything right. It really is pass the buck as if he is not happy with something then he should be prepared to put it right himself.

    Does your husband work long hours and on a low income? It would explain to me why he is the way he is. If you need someone to be a friend, just drop me a line :) Or if you make a post and not many respond to it then you are more than welcome to pm me with a link to your thread and ask me to give my support :)
    Take care and be safe :hug:
  3. MrDepressed

    MrDepressed Guest

    I would gladly be an ear for you if you ever need me to be... you are a good person and worthy of more than this world offers.. you are not beneath anyone.. pm me, phone me, take me for coffee what ever it is, when you need to I am open..