I'm done with this place but scared of Hell, etc.

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Hi, getting to point, I am so tired if being alive BUT I thank God for it, just, I really do not want to be here anymore, so what is wrong with taking me and letting a child live or someone else who wants to, who has the money to eat, shelter and a family. I am sick of being controlled by friends, the few I have had, and people, I just don't get. How in the World a person could ever in anyway even yell at someone and hurt feelings let alone beat or really hurt someone, I am very...loving, understanding, and open minded, if that makes me, (what my Pop used to, hippie, whats wrong with that? If that's what I am, then oh well. No I do not accept our Earth, NO I do NOT except we are destroying it and animals etc... etc.... I cannot go anywhere to be alone, I am in a crowded suburb and only want PEACE, no more worries, no more bills and stupid laws that make no sense, ( WHY ARE BOOZE AD'S ON BILLBOARDS on Highways like route 40? On East Coast? That's ...inane.makes me realize how stupid life is:sigh:

I totally can relate to your post. The cruel and mean-spirited way people treat each other is so awful. People snap at me at work for no reason, degrade me, and do the same to others. I think to myself, "They will be sorry when they become the star of my suicide note" or something like that. I too am scared of hell. I have always believed in God and even now I do not doubt. I am, however, mad that I was put in this world. I have heard that thoughts of suicide and death happen when internal pain is greater than our coping skills. I don't know any good long-term coping skills to deal with the cruelty of people I encounter. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for posting. People here will not be cruel to you.

- Chris


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Greetings, Lysergia! :hugtackles: I'd like to thank you for joining the SF community! I am so pleased to meet you. :shake: Take good care.
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