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  1. bunjyman

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    last night i was going to kill myself but i couldn't do it i feel so pathetic i was so close to doing it why does it have to be so hard

    i can't live like this crying every night because im still alive and then crying every morning because its another day i have to pretend to be happy and another day for me to cut myself theres no escape from the nightmare that is my life.

    i know i will eventually do it but i don't know when sometimes i wish i could get hit by a car when i cross the road or something.

    dont bother saying sorry you're feeling like this or anything i'm tired of people saying stuff like that.

    i have tried getting professional help, the mental health service said i'm not going to do anything to endanger myself in anyway no one takes you seriously when you're a teen everyone thinks i cut for attention which is complete crap.

    if i make it till tomorrow which is extremly unlikely i'm going to consider telling my best friend everything she knows i self harm but she doesn't know how bad its getting.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Your best friend cannot truly help you they can only help by listening and sometimes it gets overwhelming for friends who do not know how to help. If your doctor or professional is not helping you then get another one One that will listen and provide support for you in the way of therapy or medication
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