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im done

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just dont care

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I just dont know how much longer i can hold on anymore i just woke up and the first thing i think about is getting my knife and cutting my wrists. before i used to have a part of me that would be scared to do it but this time i just started to laugh and get really happy about it. thoughts keep going through my mind about how wonderful it would be to kill myself. there is no longer a part of me that is scared anymore. i keep thinking about how much easier it would be for my friends and family if i were dead. i dont feel like i am needed anymore that my life is done i just know that i am gonna kill myself soon cause if i continue to wake up and have these thoughts as soon as i wake i wont be able to last much longer.


I'm sorry to hear your having troubles. Just try and hang in there man. Y'know like it's probably really tough at the moment, but i'm sure soon things will be brighter :biggrin:


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Being happy about cutting yourself, or worse is not something abnormal in those who have been going through all of the ache of life harder than others, there's times people think about it. I have, I still do time to time. Let me tell you what gets it through, though. For everyone.

Let me explain to you how not much easier it would be for your family, if you were to kill yourself. It may seem as if your parents don't care, but parents love their children no matter what they say.. you're their child! And your friends? Oh no, they would be out of a good friend. The ringing thoughts of what they could have done, maybe to help you.. the endless blame they'd place on themselves. Just remember that the next time you have that thought. Feel free to PM me if you need to..


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Hmmm well ummm...hmm this is a bit hard to give advice on this. I cannot say "Just do not think it". And i am not going to tell you to endure because no one has infinite endurance.

So try this, how about going out and doing something you have always wanted too do. Try and wash away the negative with positive... or at least neutralize the negative.

Once again I do not know your age. But if you think that your friends and family would be better off with you not around. Then do not be around them any more just leave their lives. You do not have to kill yourself to get out of peoples life.
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