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I'm done.

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Done with this.
My boyfriend dumped me.
The guy who assulted me called me.
My ex gfs hate me.
My family practically exciled me.
My friends don't need me.
I need Troy. I need Lenny.
I need everyone I can't have.
I'm not good enough.
I'm worthless.
I'm ugly.
And I'm totally high right now and it's the only thing keeping me from killing myself.
As soon as the high wears off I'm going to hang myself from my scarf.
Im sorry to hear about everything thats happening to u! Sometimes it seems like a million bad things happen tous at once and its too hard to handle. But as they say, 'to see the rainbow u have to live through the rain'. Things will get better! Please hold on, things wont always b this way! pm me if u need to talk


Dear Poisonedxsoul: First, your soul is not poisoned. And you need to know that you are not defined by other people, you must define yourself. Decide on how you would like to see yourself in one year and start working towards that goal, one day at a time. You must first find friendship with yourself, learn that when it's all said and done, the most important thing is to be able to lean on and trust in yourself. When we are comfortable in our own company, we draw others to us, if that is what is important to you. You sound pretty young, please don't let the teenage years be thing that you base your whole outlook on because the teen years can be hell. As you mature you realize that most people, other than your family, were all only superficial relationships. As you mature, and learn to be comfortable with yourself, you will find other maturing people to build more meaningful relationships with.
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