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I'm Done

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I know i have said this many times before and ppl must be sick of me by now but i am done i have attempted twice in last couple of days yet the professionals don't care and have just shoved me onto someone else. Well if i can't get the help there is no point being here. I have my method i have the kit i have even had practise so now is the time to do it right. I spent all day on phone trying to get help and as i said none of them wanted to know even when o told them i attempted only 2nights ago and still feeling suicidal.


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What has pushed you to this at this moment? There is usually one main thing that has caused the pain that seems intolerable -

Can you hang on just one moment longer...


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Um let me see yes there is a point as to why and the professionals know this too i have told my mental health nurse who sees fit to see me once a fortnight also my diabetic nurse knows even the crisis team know and do any of them actually care LIKE HELL they care. So no i can't really wait anymore there is no point to my so called life anymore i want to joine my grandad and other family members but mainly my grandad.
I can relate, it seems like nobody really cares. I've went to a psychiatric ward a few times VOLUNTARILY, and twice when I was EXTREMELY SUICIDAL, once was after a day I actually attempted suicide, and they discharged me within a couple of hours even after I showed them the cuts on my arm (I was cutting myself at the time) and told them about EVERYTHING. The first time I went to the Psychiatric ward because I was extremely suicidal they gave me a benzodiazepine pill I have used in the past to attempt suicide with and discharged me!!!! They didn't even care! The health care system, ESPECIALLY the mental health care system, SUCKS in my opinion. That was actually on my local news once. This sixteen year old girl went to the psychiatric ward because she was suicidal and they discharged her within three hours, and she went there with family, and that night she committed suicide. The people that work at the psychiatric ward/the psychiatric ward itself should be fired/shut down since it's not much of one in my opinion. It's like the people who run mental health care don't actually care, they just decide to sit on their asses pretending to work so they can get their money (and this is in my area, and I'm only saying that from experience). I'm sure you feel the same way, it seems like that, and I'm sorry. *hugs*


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There are times I want to join my grand dad too.... many times, he was the only one who ever really loved me for me....

But I know he wouldn't want me to do it... so I am stuck and keep looking for other ways to alleviate the pain that doesn't depend on others....

You are here for a reason - don't know what, but you do have an impact on people - sometimes those you don't even realize....

I had someone who gave just a kind word to me while at the store - it made such a difference to me - she will never know.....

Please hang on - accept the pain - take a deep breath - let it wash over you and get to the other side - there is a future, uncertain; but you have time to see -


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There is a severe lack of care where mental health and depression is concerned - seen it and felt it personally and professionally.

I don't know exactly what you are going through because for each of us it is different. But I do sympathise with you - you are strong enough to ask for help, come on here and talk so that makes me think that you are strong enough to make it through today and that's where it starts - get through today.

Every day you fight is another triumph over your illness. Talk on here and let it out, the NHS might not be of help to you right now but maybe we can - we are people who are or have been where you are now.

Hold on, much love Megz X
i do give a shit hun... thats why i talked to you night after night when you said you were dying many nights in a row. im sorry you are back in the same place yet again.... :unsure: we have clarified that there are people you can ring and there are places you can go if you are in trouble.... can you please utilise the help that is available rather than blame people here if they don't reply within half an hour :unsure: im really sorry you are feeling rough but there is help out there.... :hug:
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