I'm experiencing very short moments of terror

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Ever since I was younger 10-16 years old I have been experiencing a very short moment of terror. I am currently 20 years old. I haven't experienced this event in two or three years and it's just now starting to come up again.

The duration of the event is only about one or two seconds. I would describe it as an intense feeling that everything is going to go wrong. I also feel very anxious and scared. It's almost as I feel as if I'm in danger at that moment.

I have been diagnosed with mild OCD. Since the age of twelve I've occasionally had "auditory delusions". During this "auditory delusion" I hear voices yelling at me in my head. I don't hear them as if someone is physically speaking to me but rather as chatter in my head. I don't hear actual words just jibberish. This experience averages about once every two months and lasts for twenty to thirty minutes on average.

Has anyone else experienced these very short moments of terror? I can't seem to find any information on this.
I too get moments of terror like you described. I call it my brain biting me. I have no advice or information on it, but can only say you're not alone in it.


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my medicine has been causing things like that. the other morning, i was hearing voices and they have sinced stopped due to stopping the medicine i was on. moments of terror just sound like anxiety issues. sounds like you get stressed out real easily. i have ocd and sometimes i notice that when i start in my ocd that i also get anxious at the same time. hope you get to feeling better.

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hun could be panic attack have you talked to your doctor about these moments maybe anxiety meds would help stop them or get some therapy hun it will get to the root of why it is happening hugs
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