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I'm falling apart.

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I can't concentrate today. I have only $850 left to my unemployment and after that, I'm fucked. I've been sending out resumes for work (I'm a video editor), but the response is slight to nothing. I did have a great interview a month ago, but the VP told me to call back in a week and a half. It took four extra days to finally get him on the phone and he said, "Could you call me back on Tuesday?" I've tried to call and leave messages since last Tuesday (just one a day, I don't want him to think that I'm stalking him) and have always sounded cheerful on the phone, but this is beginning to get to me. He said he wanted me to work for him and that they were expanding the business soon so there would be room for me, but as every day goes by I feel as if this is yet another opportunity slipping away from me.

Just now when I tried calling, I got his answer-phone so I hung up the machine and started crying. It feels like I'm a complete failure. Because of my unemployment, I can't afford to visit my family on the east coast for Christmas. And I promised myself I wouldn't have a drink today and I'm not going to. Anyway, money's so tight that I can't afford it. I'm also not going to see my therapists this week because of the holiday. I will be joining some friends on the holiday, but they'll just asking me about my job search and I don't think I can face it. I feel like everything I do is a waste of time and energy. What does it matter if I send out zero or a hundred resumes today? Nobody wants me. I can't get any of my friends on the phone: they work. They have lives. They have their own problems to worry about.

I signed up for a Temp Agency on Friday. It took two hours and was probably a complete waste of time. I never get sent out on jobs from agencies. Plus, its always Administrative work. I can do that work but I don't like it. I'll have to do it for survival.

I wish that S.O.B. would at least call me back and tell me what's the deal with the job is offered me. I understand that he's a busy man and that they're probably not ready to take me on yet, but this is driving me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm very close to the edge. This is going to be a difficult day.:sad:


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just hold in there k? it will all work out my mom owned a bissness (b 4 she decided that drugs were more important than her work and her kids) and somtimes people just get caught up in there work and it takes forever to do things ecpesially if hes expanding his bissness hes really bissy so just hold in there it will all work out in the end. just keep sending out your resume and eventually youll find work im sure...guess what? im kidda happy today its a first in a long time this site is helping me a lot...have a good day and remember that patience is a virtue...one wich i do not posses!


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First of all, you are not a failure. It is not your fault that people are inconsiderate and don't follow through with their promises. You should be proud of yourself that you are trying. :) Please don't stop trying. I know how it feels to try and try to get a job with no success. If he doesn't hire you there are always other options. The one thing that worked for me is if you know someone that has a job where they are hiring. That is how I got my job because my mom helped me get work there. Maybe it would help to ask people you know if they know of any positions where they work. I wish I could be more help...

Good luck. :hug:


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Mondays and Fridays are the hardest times to call and get effective answers for jobs. Trying to go back by his office posssbily? He may be hesitant cuz of the holidays and needs a push to know you are the RIGHT person to hire.
Job searching is the hardest thing to do. Cut yourself some slack, if you do not choose temp...transferable skills to other areas. Won't holidays put video demands up? I am not knowledgable, but if you are with friends, you can network and brainstorm. It is not all lost!

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