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Im feeling like take my own life


Waitering for Godot
SF Supporter
I'm sorry you're feeling so badly, did you want to tell us a little more about what's causing you to feel this way?

BTW, I empathize...every day is a battle for me, and it often takes Herculean effort to keep going. But it's worth it to keep going.

Keep talking to us..

Optimistic Goatman

The woolly enigmatic one
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I can't help but be curious, what are you looking to gain from this thread?
If you're so certain that nobody could possibly help you or understand what you're going through, why make a thread discussing it, what could you gain from doing so?
An argument could be made that you created the thread because some part of you doesn't believe these assertions to be the case, and the likelihood is that this part of you doubting that is correct.
So instead of replying just to tell people they can't get it, maybe it would be better to give the people here a chance to help by explaining what you're going through. *hug10

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