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I'm finished with love

I'm Charlie I'm female 20 yearsold, live in London UK and gay, only ever had one girlfriend she left me about 6 weeks ago. I lost all my friends and the life I was had. I've been through so much and can't take anymore shit from life. I have no job and can't even get an interview for one. I just don't care anymore, I'm so lonely I literally have no friends. No life just nothing my life is so empty. I'm not what anyone wants I've tried but there Is no life for me. I've given up on love no girl really looks twice at me I don't care about love anymore all it causes is pain. I feel like no one cares. I'm better off alone anyway that way I can kill myself and won't be hurt anymore. Gonna overdose again till I damage myself and die.
I know how you feel :( I was exactly the same. I was with my girlfriend for 3 years, and she cheated on me. It was the worst part of my life ever! I lost everything, she was my life. I felt like killing myself.. I pushed all my friends and family away, I just wanted to be left alone, to feel sorry for myself.

BUT.. it really does get you nowhere. I found music REALLY helped me. I started to go out more. I didnt have a job either, but I volunteered at the RSPCA near me, and although volunteering sounds like shit, it was exactly what I needed. I met some really nice people, and made some great friends. I got more confidence, and this is what helped me get a job.

It does feel like life is going nowhere after breaking up.. It was 3 years ago since I split up with my ex, and I still miss her.. but Im over the worst of it, and really enjoy my life.

Things won't get better if you sit there feeling sorry for yourself. It will only get worse, and thats talking from experience. You need to get out there and make it happen. Theres plenty of things to do.

I just hope you give yourself another chance.

Good Luck xx

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