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Im finished

Well that feelings here and stronger than ever before, I'm sat upstairs away from family with a mod edit - method> trying to find a reason to stay but I can't <mod edit - guidelines>
It’s really not worth it. It sounds like it’s a solution right now but when you’re sick you see things differently. We are currently sick. But you CAN recover and recovery is going to feel sooooo much better than whatever comes after this life. THAT will be worth it, one speck of hope can help a lot. Try your best to find it
Hi. Please ensure you are safe as soon as possible. Please try and put whatever method you currently have in a place where you can't access it. I strongly recommend you call the emergency services or a suicide hotline.

There are tons of reasons to live. First of all, all of those who love you (your family, your friends) will miss you and be devastated by your loss, and probably traumatised by having to find your body. You can get better, and things can improve for you, even if it doesn't feel like it now.

Please keep yourself safe.

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