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I'm Freee! :)

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Hello :)

This is my first post here, so please be kind! But I have a few achivements I'd like to share...

- Next weeks, I'll be 4 months cut free [I was dependant on self harm for three years]
- I was discharged from counselling today! =]
- Annnddd.... This has been the longest all year thta I haven't been in hospital. So I'm really excited; recovery is going well !

Heya, welcome to the forum. 4 months cut free is absolutely AWESOME! As is the counselling and hospital bit tool. :biggrin: I'm proud of you... you have a LOT to be proud of. :) :hug:

Hope to see you around more.



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:welcome: to the forum

What wonderful achievement... that's great! I hope things continue in this way for you.. it certainly sounds like you're working hard towards it.

Keep us posted if you want.. and again, welcome :)

Jenny x
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